The restoration of the park of a historical villa is a very difficult project that asks for a search of materials not always easy to be found, old maps or old projects of architects often important, but essential for a good result in the respect of the spaces and of the proportions originally planned.
A search of the vegetation of the epoch not to “pollute" the parks and the surrounding green. Then the historical plants are looked for as the Magnolias, the Oaks, the Taxus baccata, the Carpinus betulus or ancient Roses or old climbers that often are removed in the restoration of the façades.
A search of the materials that is often required also by the “Environmental and Cultural Property”. This way a real restoration of the vegetation is born.



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» Project Historic gardens


The Villa Mazzotti, since 1981 owned by the town of Chiari, has risen between 1911 and the 1916 as per the Renaissance style in fashion from beginning of Nine hundred on sketch of the architect Anthonio Vandone of Cortemiglia from Turin, one of the greater exponents of the Italian Liberty, in collaboration with the architect Alessandro Citterio. The Count Franco Mazzotti, from whose family the villa has taken the name,
has been one of the founders of the legendary “Mille Miglia”.
The historical park has an extension of around 10 hectares, initially realized as garden in Italian style, from the architect Vandone, in the Year 1927 was modified on project of the Office of architecture Adam&Co. of Paris.
In the park ample zones are open to grass land, two great fountains and other constructions that embellish the external run, edged by neoclassic statues and great ornamental vases. The samples of Buxus sempervirens in forced form or shaped to hedge, the Cedruses deodara up to 25 meters, various kinds of trees of wide leaves, the Lime-trees to spin, the flower-beds of Prunus laurocerasus and of roses are a true richness from the botanical point of view. The buildings and the garden are bound as property of historical-artistic relief, to the senses of the law regulation NO. 490/99.
Our project of recovery and re-qualification of the spaces is founded on the safeguard and guardianship of the historical vegetation of the park.

» Project Villa Mazzotti


Villa Spineda-Gasparini-Loredan is a Venetian villa that rises along the state road Schiavonesca Nuova (Montebelluna-Conegliano) in Venegazzù di Volpago del Montello (Treviso) and was ordered in the Year 1753 from the patrician Marcantonio Spineda de Cattaneis from Treviso to the architect of Bassano Giovanni Miazzi, even if the assignment of the project has always been controversial between Miazzi and Francesco Maria Preti.
The villa has been completely restored with project of the architects Afra and Tobia Scarpa and of the professor Mora on behalf of the group Benetton within a project to realize the directional centre of the fashion group. In February 2008 the villa has been purchased from Veneto Bank.
We have made an analysis project on the vegetation and an integrative project.

» Project Villa Spineda


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