Tourist and residential villages

The green becomes a harmonious whole, a follow of marvellous gardens in perfect harmony among them. Gardens in the Garden, these are the tourist villages, a great and articulated studied scenography and projected in every space to guarantee suggestive scenographies and magic atmospheres.
Plants, bushes, small shrubs, water, sporting installations, lighting, fittings, all is used to turn a place into an unique and unforgettable landscape.

Residential buildings are studied and planned on modern concepts of life and new ways of living the spaces. The objective is to create environments where being together helps to find yourself in a private heaven where you can live protected inside a scenery where the nature dresses a primary role. Places equipped for every type of comfort, thought for the pleasure and the comfort of the people who will live them.

Tourist and residential villages


Tourist and residential villages


Project Country House Resort Castel Monastero Tuscany Town of Castelnuovo Berardenga (Siena) .
In these images all the steps of the project are highlighted:
Altimetrical reliefs, vegetation reliefs, photographic reliefs, preliminary project, definitive project, executive project and metric calculations. In May we will be able to show you the realization of the work.
Good vision.

» Project Country House Resort Castel Monastero Tuscany
Tourist and residential villages


One instant is enough to fall in love, it takes decades to grow a marvellous and magic garden. But the feeling of heaven is the same. Everything is possible at the Forte Village, dreams, games, adventures and relax. All it takes, is having imagination and to be abducted by the magic atmosphere created by the splendid vegetation, that with wise care, has been inserted in the great park. Flowerings of various kind inebriate us of colours and perfumes. Tropical nature and Mediterranean spot, silence and luxury.
This also is one of ours project.

» Project Forte Village Resort


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